Independently Owned

Since 2010

About Us

Independent Lien Service is a solely owned enterprise dedicated to providing first rate professional and private service.

We understand the importance of relationship building. We have dedicated our company to being accessible, responsive, friendly, and competent, with an emphasis on helpfulness. We consider ourselves to be the most helpful lien processing and registration service throughout the State of California.

In an effort to streamline the lien filing process, we offer the following options for information transmission:

  1. You can submit the online Lien Submission Form.
  2. You can email us.
  3. You can call us during business hours 415-706-6344.
  4. You can fax us 707-774-6469

Independent Lien Service is licensed by the State of California as a Registration and Lien Processing Service.

We lien anything registered at the DMV